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Open Source discount program

Developers of Open Source projects based an ZTEX products may get a discount of up to 50%.

Who can take part?

Everyone who purchased a ZTEX FPGA Board.

What are the requirements?

  • An open Source project based on a ZTEX product
  • The project has to be published somewhere, e.g. at the ZTEX Wiki. The language must be English or German.
  • The ZTEX product has to be referenced. Usually this means a link to the products page has to be placed.
  • The project should be non-trivial and unique. For example, if you make some LED's blinking or if you copy the project from somewhere else you will get no discount. But you may get a discount if you port an existing project to a ZTEX product or if you write a beginners tutorial with some more or less simple experiments (like blinking LED's for example).

How much discount I will get?

The discount depends on various factors like
  • complexity of the project,
  • quality of the presentation,
  • innovation,
  • re-usability of the project / source code.

A rough estimation of the amount of the discount can be obtained from the following table.

Discount Complexity Examples
15% Simple projects
  • Programming of a Flash memory IC
  • Reading out an temperature sensor with digital one wire interface (duty-cycle modulated)
30% Complex projects
  • An audio media converter, e.g. a S/PDIF converter with a dedicated PC interface
  • A beginners tutorial with a few simple experiments like blinking LED's, driving a stepper motor, reading out a temperature sensor with digital one wire interface (duty-cycle modulated)
50% More complex projects
  • An audio media converter, e.g. a S/PDIF converter with a standard USB-Audio interface (acts like a sound card)
  • A well presented tutorial which contains many experiments also including some advanced ones.
> 50% Outstanding projects
  • Implementing of a CPU (e.g. OpenRISC)
  • Porting an Operating System to an implemented processor

That is only a rough classification. Most projects will get an discount between 15% and 30%.

The discount is only for that products that are related to the project.

If you plan a project and you want to know how much discount you can expect, or if you have other questions you can contact me by email or using the contact form.

How can I obtain the discount?

Simply write me an email or use the contact form.

You will get the money refunded (via bank wire transfer to a European EUR account or via Paypal) after the project is published and rated.

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