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SDK for ZTEX FPGA Boards - Licensing

The ZTEX SDK can be used under these licenses:
  1. The hardware part (HDL files for the FPGA including templates for constraints) can be used under Solderpad Hardware License version 0.51, which is derived from Apache License Version 2.0. This non-copyleft license allows to modify and distribute the work without publishing the source code.
  2. Software part
    1. Examples and default firmwares, i.e. software and firmware in 'examples' and 'default' directories can be used under non-restrictive Apache License Version 2.0, see above. This license is compatible to (L)GPL-3, i.e. derived work can also be published under (L)GPL.
    2. The Firmware Kits, the API's and the utilities are dual licensed and can be used under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 or under GNU General Public License Version 3. MPL is a per-file copyleft license. Contributions or extensions in form of new files are not considered as modifications and source code does not need to be published if the work is distributed in some form. Also see the MPL FAQ's
Usage of the SDK under other licenses can be granted upon request.

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