ZTEX core API for C
Host software API for ZTEX FPGA Boards for C
ZTEX core API for C Documentation

The C Core API of the ZTEX SDK.

This API is used for developing host software in C. It is a re-implementation a subset of the JAVA API.


The main features are:

  • Full support of Default Interface
    • Multiple communication interfaces: high speed, low speed, GPIO's, reset signal
    • Compatibility allows board independent host software
  • Bitstream upload directly to the FPGA
  • Utility functions (gathering information about FPGA Boards, finding devices using filters, ...)

Usage, Examples

The library consists in the single file pair 'ztex.c' and 'ztex.h'. It has been tested with gcc and should work with no/minor modifications with other compilers.

Its recommended to link the application directly against the object file.

The package contains two examples, 'ucecho.c' and 'memfifo.c' which demonstrate the usage of the API including the default interface.

Object files and examples can be built using make. Under Windows it has been tested with MSYS/MinGW, see Hints for Windows users

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